Process & Rates


Remote Drums & Percussion

Base rate: $100 for the first song, $75 for each additional song
You get individual, consolidated WAV files for each drum mic that you can drop right into your session. This rate also includes percussion overdubs or samples as the song warrants.

Basic percussion is included in my rate. Very involved percussion parts are an extra $25 per song.
Percussion-only session: $50 per song.

The rate for a complete stereo drum mixdown varies. Please send me an email for more info on mixing options.

In-Person Sessions

Rates vary — let’s chat!

Recording Process

1. Preparation

I may be recording remotely, but this is still a collaboration! If you are new to this whole thing, don’t worry–I’m happy to walk through the process with you one-on-one. Once you book the session, you’ll send me your songs, performance notes, reference tracks if you have them, and anything else you want me to have (charts, poems, pictures of your cat, a Hawaiian pizza). I can work with anything from a guitar & vocal scratch track to a fully-realized mix-minus-drums (or plus drums, for that matter), as long as it was recorded to a click and it starts from zero.

2. Tracking

Once I have everything I need, I’ll select the right instruments for your music and start crafting the tracks. I often use percussion overdubs to add texture to drum parts, and I sometimes use percussion as more of a primary voice in my parts. The brilliant thing about engineering one’s own sessions is the flexibility to layer sounds and textures, to craft something that transcends the standard “drum track.” BUT… I’m also totally down to give you straight drum tracks if you feel that’s what will best fit your music.

3. Review

Once I’ve completed your tracks, I will do any necessary comping and send a rough mix for you to review. If you’re happy with the tracks, that’s great! If not, that’s okay too. This is your music that you’ve poured your heart into, and I want you to be happy with every part of it. Just give me your notes & critiques, and I’ll do additional takes. Let’s get it right!

4. Payment & Files

I’ll need to collect payment before I can release the master files. Once I’ve received payment, I’ll send you consolidated WAV files (starting at zero) for each individual drum mic and percussion track. These tracks will typically be dry (no effects), except for any compression or EQ I may have applied while tracking. If I do use an effect like reverb or delay, I will send you a “wet” and “dry” version of those tracks. Again, if you’re new at this and you have any questions about how to use these drum tracks, I’m happy to help. And if you’re looking for fully-mixed, stereo drum stems, let me know — there are options for that, too.

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